Look At Those Guns

No.. not my incredibly huge muscles… the shot gun! Yep.. I shot a shot gun. Not that it was on my to-do list in life, but I guess I can check it off some list. Carl and I went to North Carolina last weekend for a wedding, and we got the full southern tour.. complete with a pig pickin’ BBQ and skeet shooting. (By the way.. what is a skeet?) Whatever it was, I shot one. 3 shots was enough for me.. I’m still sore from the kickback.

After the wedding, we joined the honeymooners and 20 other friends for a “high cotton” time on Figure Eight Island. High cotton? Yes.. I was a bit confused by that phrase too. I think it just means that it was a ritzy place to vacation. I’m going to do my best to add that saying to my vocabulary as much as possible. That latte? Yes… that was high cotton. Hmm.. doesn’t work so well. Anyway, it was a great few days going kayaking, biking on the beach, swimming and relaxing with a great group of people.

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