In Search of the Holy Grille

I think it’s a rite of passage. Everyone at some point in their life, must venture to the junk yard. My search was for the grille for my Jetta. (If you don’t know what happened to the Jetta, see the entry for “Girl in the Hood.”) So, Carl and I ventured off to a “Pick n’ Pull” lot on a Sunday. It was hilarious. You bring your own tools and pull off anything you want from the cars in the junk yard. There were guys literally under cars, yanking off engines. I think I was the only girl in the junk yard. We ended up empty handed though… no Jetta grilles to be found. It was a complete luck of the draw.. first to find a Jetta, then in the color you’re looking for, then the year, then to have the front of the car still in place. It was worth it for the experience though!

4 thoughts on “In Search of the Holy Grille

  1. When I read the title of this post and saw your picture (with your big smile) I thought you were going to say you got braces or something (not that you need braces … that was just my first thought!)

  2. Ahhh yes. I did this once years ago looking for the radiator plastic overflow bottle for my toyota celica. I ended up empty handed as well, but richer for having the experience. Good times Marlene.

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