I finally did it. I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge! I’ve been admiring the bridge from afar for the past 6 months, and even driven across it a few times, but had yet to set foot on it. I’ve always been a little bit weird about bridges. It’s a love-hate relationship. I think they’re beautiful, but they kind of terrify me at the same time…probably because most of my nightmares when I was a kid involved a crazy roller-coaster-like bridge. I also don’t get how they’re built. I’ve had bridge engineers explain it to me, but I still don’t really understand how they could get something under water to support the weight of it all. I think I’ll just settle on it being a bit of a mystery. So… this was a big deal to walk across. It was extremely windy, so I had to suppress the childhood nightmares and reassure myself that I wasn’t going to blow over the top of the railing. Oh… and if you do get a chance to walk across, leave your missiles at home. You’re not allowed to throw any off the bridge.

5 thoughts on “Brrrrridge!

  1. Good for you! It is a bit scary, but I love bridges and walking across them. The next one you should do is the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s quite an experience to turn around and see all of Manhattan behind you. I don’t understand how the whole things works either, but then I don’t understand flying either. =)

  2. I totally don’t get flying, either. And it actually makes more sense to me to be scared of BIG planes and not the little ones since it seems like they would take less to propel…but every one is more scared of the opposite.

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