From Arnold to Half Moon Bay


I went to the town of Arnold recently. Yes, there is a town named Arnold. I never did meet him, but it was a really beautiful part of California… south of Tahoe in the gold country. Carl and I went snow shoeing on fresh powder all day on Saturday and sledding on Sunday. This is me after using my feet for brakes during one of my first sledding runs down the hill. You can’t tell from the picture, but my face was dripping with snow.

carl-beach.jpg half-moon.jpg

Next to Half Moon Bay for Easter. It’s a cute surf town, just south of San Francisco. I was so happy to be at the beach again. I’m loving the city, but I’ve really missed seeing the crashing waves and smelling the salt water. Going from Arnold to Half Moon Bay in two weekends got me to thinking about the funny names for towns. Now, which town do you think I’d want to live in:

Livermore… Oxnard… Weed… or Paradise? It’s a toughie.

5 thoughts on “From Arnold to Half Moon Bay

  1. I personally always liked the town of Hell, Michigan. we had to go through that town on our way to my cousins … when asked about our trip once we arrived, Dad would notoriously say, “It was alright, but we had to go through Hell to get here.”

  2. I’ve always been rather fond of Smuteye, Alabama. I think we have a photo of Dave standing in front of their “welcome to our city” sign.

    We enjoy this blog. We feel in the loop! Luv to u Norma

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