Tour de Friends

The past couple of weeks has been a grand Tour de Friends. From baby showers and trampoline jumping with the Baers in Pasadena to a work trip in Orange County and my parents’ first visit to the city… it’s been a whirlwind. I’m so thankful for the great people in my life!



Ann and Shannon showing off their “baby bumps” followed by dinner with Cari and Krista and some Pinkberry. Never heard of Pinkberry? Add it to your dessert to-do list!


I was able to see college friends Kim and Barb during a quick work trip to Orange County, via my P.T. Cruiser mobile. Thanks National Rent-a-Car.


My parents and Carl & I took a ferry from Tiburon to Angel Island and hiked to the top for great views of the city.


Brooke and Pete with their kids Abby and Will and I toured fisherman’s wharf, ate some chowder bowls and explored Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge.


Steph came to the city for her birthday weekend and shopping extravaganza in Union Square. Who’s next? I’m becoming a better tour guide each time!

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