Ode to Tomatoes


Since Valentine’s Day is typically a time of poems, I thought I would share a poem I wrote about tomatoes when I was in the 4th grade. Here it goes.


Oh what a horrible fate
To find a tomatoe on my plate.

My one and only wish
Is for it to disappear from my dish.

Oh what a terrible waste
To have such a yucky taste.

It is such a disgusting crime
To be forced to eat the seeds and slime.

If I could only have my way
I’d make them totally go away.

For an added bonus, here’s my poem about olives. I had a theme going when I was 9.

Yuck! There’s an olive on my plate
Oh why terrible olive do you have to come my direction?
The taste of you is weird and disgusting!
So please leave me alone awful olive!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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