Need a Little Help From My Friends


This is me pulling my hair out.

I need some help. My creativity has temporarily been zapped. Ask me to come up with a creative costume? No problem. Ask me to come up with a dinner with the contents left in your refrigerator? Piece of cake. What I need is a name. For what, you ask? Well… I’ve been asked to be a blogger for, and I’m just plain stumped on what to call my column. It’s a really cool site, and I’ll get to write about all sorts of topics. But the best thing the founder could give me as a column idea was “Baer Hugs.” He was actually joking… thinking if he gave me that idea, I could only improve from there. That was a relief, because with a name like that I’d be forced to write about collections of Precious Moments figurines. My brother gave me the idea to name it “Free Coffee.” But that would be just plain lying. C’mon Matt, don’t be crazy. Here are a few other ideas:

– Making sense of it all

– Still figuring it out

– Happy Donuts (just to make sure you’re still reading… but there seriously is a store with this name in the city)

– In a few words

– Baerly blundering (ohh.. that doesn’t make sense)

See? I need some help. If you have an idea for the name of my column… send it my way! I’ll figure out some way to reward the winner if your name is picked

19 thoughts on “Need a Little Help From My Friends

  1. My dear Marlene,

    I’ve never had a creative thought in my head. Anything creative, I’ve ever done has been out and out, blatantly copied! However, here goes:

    Marlene’s thougtful meanderings.
    Baer’s blurb’s.

    See what I mean. Just average. =)

  2. I like names that have nothing to do with the subject, or a hidden connection…how about “flotsam” – the stuff that floats up in the ocean – could be junk, could be a treasure. Or a place you love or have lived, like “Pedregosa” means afflicted with gravel. I like thinking that our address reflects the sometimes rocky nature of life. “Pink cupcakes” sounds fun…I’ll be curious to see what you come up with as a name and as a column. Congrats!

  3. “my-crazy-dog-wont-stop-barking-and-sarah-wont-let-her”

    i think that would be a good blog name





  4. Marleeeeenie!

    Congrats on the blogger invite…very fun!!

    Since I’ve always been partial to my nickname for you, I think your column should definitely involve some play on that…aka:

    “Your San Francisco Treat” (meaning you, what they read, what they’ll take away from it, etc.)


    “Wise Words From a True San Francisco Treat”

    What I came up with wasn’t all that great, but something along those lines I think would still be cute/fun.

    Or, going along with using your last name in there somewhere, you could do:

    “The Baer Necessities” (or “Essentials” instead of necessities)

    “Baer To Be Different” (instead of “Dare”)

    “Baer Naked Lady” (kinda stealin’ from G)

    And, there’s always just random stuff, like:

    “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful”

    “Where’s the Beef?”

    “Ice Ice Baby”

    “Stop! Hammertime”

    “I Like Big Butts & I Cannot Lie” (JK. Just making sure your were still reading… 😉

    Welllllll, whatever you choose, ‘weenie I know it’ll be awesome!


  5. Based on the number of emails filling my junk folder right now that contain the word “Oprah,” I think you might get more attention if you throw her name in there somewhere.

  6. After the really great responses, I’m hesitant to say what came to mind, but, oh well, here it is…..

    “just baerly”

    Can’t wait to hear what you do and to read what you write! I love your blog!

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