Meet the Holts!





You know those New Years Eve black-tie events you’ve seen on the movie “When Harry Met Sally” and the events with Dick Clark? And you wonder.. who EVER gets to go to that kind of New Years Eve party? Well.. I finally went to one. But this event was also to celebrate Martha & Zach’s wedding… two of the greatest people I know. Highlights for me included making eye contact with Martha before she gave her vows (I got to stand on the groom’s side since the bridal party stood in pairs), seeing the church light up with candles as we sang “Great it Thy Faithfulness” and watching Zach bust out his MC Hammer moves to “Can’t Touch This” on the dance floor. Definitely a night to remember!


And.. a third picture to prove I was there, and because I’ve been so terrible at blogging lately.


3 thoughts on “Meet the Holts!

  1. This will be my one and only black tie New Year’s Event, unless Martha has a 10th anniversary party or something. Next year … I’ll be in bed by 9:00 pm 😦

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