Spreading Some Cheer


No trips to the mountains for a tree this year. Instead, Wendy and I ventured to Fort Mason to pick out a tree from the Guardsman. Who are the “Guardsman” you ask? I think they’re some sort of charitable mens group in the city… but none were to be found. I think they were all stuffing themselves with chicken and beer while Wendy and I lugged our tree off the lot. The one lonely guardsman we did find, successfully tied it to the Jetta with amazing slip knots. Maybe that’s what all of the other guardsmen were doing.. they were in a slip knot tying course. Or, a charitable slip knot tying course. Yeah, that must be it.

To enjoy some true holiday cheer, I created this video below… but I couldn’t figure out how to upload it onto to this blog thingie. Click on this link, and enjoy a little elf dancing routine I did with my nieces.

3 thoughts on “Spreading Some Cheer

  1. That elf movie was funny.I look the funniest.The one where your dressed in a rockstar looks like your singing like a rockstar.I look like a goofball.Hope I see you at chrismas! By Olivia Baer

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