The 92 “30-Year-Olds”



Work took me to San Diego this past weekend for the AAR/SBL conference. The what? Yeah, I’m in a whole new world of acronyms. It was me and a bunch of academics/religious professors at the American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature conference. People debating about the hermeneutics of Romans… and all I wanted to know was when the next season of Lost was starting up again. Let’s just say that I blankly stared a lot and nodded.


The great thing was that I also got to see my 92-year-old grandparents. Yes, they’re 92, and my Grandpa still plays tennis 3 times a week and rules the wood shop, while my Grandma entertains everyone with her violin trio. They are amazing. The best part is that my Grandma acts and feels like she’s 30 years old on the inside. Last time I asked her this question, she said she felt 25. Well, I guess now she’s catching up to me!

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