May it Last 100 Years



Last weekend the bridesmaids got together in Santa Barbara to celebrate Martha and her upcoming wedding. If you don’t recognize Martha, she’s the one with the Minnie Mouse ears (thanks to Heather and Holli, her soon to be sisters-in-law). Martha was a great sport and wore them around as we went wine tasting. As I typically roll my eyes when I see a girl donning a veil on State Street with her pack of ladies… I was soon to discover that others were much nicer than me. Martha got yells of “congrats” from cars driving by, to an old woman who walked by and said, “may it last 100 years.” Tender. I can’t wait to celebrate on the big day on New Years Eve!


Susan, Karen, Ann, Martha, Leslie, Holly, me!


(It’s a good thing I’m not working for CNN. My blogs have been about a week late… old news, but still worthy of posting about. I’ll try to get better!)



One thought on “May it Last 100 Years

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. You all look so beautiiful and a 100 years is what I want as well. See you pretty soon! Love you and this blog!

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