The Hizzle Hostesses


After having our new home named “The Hizzle” by a friend of ours, Wendy and I decided we should host our first party and lean on the wisdom of the most well-known Hostess – home of the Hostess Ho Hos and Cupcake. In case you didn’t know, rice isn’t the only San Francisco treat. Hostess Ho Hos had their humble beginnings at a San Francisco bakery back in 1967. Yes. Ho Hos –
the Swiss-filled chocolate cakes “elegantly enrobed in a delectable confectionary coating.” Our party featured an array of the Hostess collection from the Twinkie, Zinger, DingDong, Donettes, Hostess Cupcake, Sno Ball and of course, the Ho Ho.


I was “Cupcake,” Wendy was “Zinger,” and our guest of honor (Skylar) was “Ding Dong.” And here’s some trivia for you. Twinkies are not baked. They are chemically leavened. That’s right. There is nothing real about a Twinkie. yummmm.

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