Halloween Jane Fonda Style


Myself and 5 friends dressed up as Jane Fonda Jazzercise workout enthusiasts for Hallowpallooza #5 – the “epic” Halloween party in San Francisco. What was the inspiration you ask? The picture on my fridge of my Dad with the Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders for their aerobics video back in the day. The comments we got that night were either “wow” or “you’re really brave.” Not so sure that was a good thing. Regardless, yoga is definitely on the way out… I mean, who wouldn’t want to work out in nylons, leg warmers and a belt? (And yes, that is a walkman that I’m holding… with a Duran Duran cassette inside, of course.)


Now that’s what I call aerobics!

(Very, very brave souls.)

3 thoughts on “Halloween Jane Fonda Style

  1. I LOVE THIS! hahah You always have the best themes! I think you should go as The Facts of Life girls next year to keep up with the “I Love the 80’s” vibe! 🙂

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