The Toilet Whisperer


First…. a shout out to Cari for being my first visitor to San Francisco! Woohoo!


What’s a nickname, but an endearing term of affection? Some of my friends call me the dog whisperer, others call me the baby whisperer (all playing off the movie, The Horse Whisperer… of which I am definitely not!). Cari and her daugher Hannah already call me “Marlene the Bean,” but most recently they gave me the nickname the Toilet Whisperer. Here’s what happened.

Cari and Hannah came to visit me for lunch back in the Regal Books days. Cari asked Hannah if she needed to go to the bathroom, and she said “yes.” Then Hannah asked me if it was a robot toilet. A what? You know… the toilets that flush automatically. Well, as soon as Hannah found out that the robots control the flushing, she started crying and saying, “I don’t have to goooooo. I don’t have to goooo.. I don’t WANT to GOOOOO!” Apparently, Hannah had a bad run-in with a robot toilet once before when it went off unexpectedly. Many tears later, Cari and I convinced Hannah that the robot goes to sleep from 12-1 everyday. We all piled into the bathroom, with me covering the “robot sensor” and praying that the flusher would not go off. It worked. And now, I’m lovingly called the “Toilet Whisperer.” Thanks Hannah!

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