Drowned Rat


So today I learned my lesson. Never… and I mean never… leave the house without an umbrella. I remember friends telling me that there are over 32 different micro-climates in San Francisco, but who can remember that first thing in the morning when all you’re trying to do is not forget your muni pass? There wasn’t sunshine when I left my house.. but it definitely was not raining. The funny thing was that I even blew my hair dry and flat ironed it this morning (a rare thing since returning from Thailand… since that trip I’ve pretty much scraped all of that time-consuming nonsense). So there I was, straight, sleek hair.. riding the bus without a care in the world with the notion to stop off in Union Square to do an errand before work and grab an Americano. Come out of the store and BAM. Rain storm. I had about 10 blocks or so to walk to my office. At first, it was kind of funny… people dodging in and out of traffic and avoiding other people’s umbrellas like we were all a part of the Frogger game. Then water was dripping down my face and off my nose, and I soon caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a window. I was starting to look like the picture above.. and was tempted to go into Walgreens to pick up a shower cap. I stepped into my office and the first thing people said was, “oohh… forgot an umbrella?” Yep.. that’s right.


Note to self: bring an umbrella.

4 thoughts on “Drowned Rat

  1. We’re lovin’ this blog Marlene! Even in Seattle it doesn’t rain like that. We have lots of umbrellas, but rarely use them. Not even sure we know where they are. The photo is wonderful. Whose poor pooch is that! We know it wasn’t great for you, but it did start the day for the rest of us with a chuckle. Luv 2 u Norma

  2. I am missing you so much. I love reading about how you are doing, especially the funny comments and pictures. How long does it take to drive there from SB? Can we plan a girl trip? Have fun this weekend!!! Wish I could be there too.

  3. I am sitting in my office giving myself a very rare time-out to read your latest blog. Actually, I got so engrossed that I read all the blogs from the beginning, AGAIN. However, the rain blog is truly hilarious!!! Did you even look as good as that dog?? It rains like that here in Atlanta, as well. I don’t think I will need to concern myself about that when we get to t he desert home…except for a few rare occasions.

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