Blue Angels and Spiderman


This was my attempt to try to picture the Blue Angels, but they were faster than a speeding bullet. Which for some reason, reminds me to let it be known that I rode the bus with Spiderman this week. Feeling very safe in this city.

2 thoughts on “Blue Angels and Spiderman

  1. I’m feeling a little jealous. Speeding fighter planes AND Spiderman? I think Ewan might prefer living with you.

    We’re going to be down in the city next weekend. Let’s try and meet up.

  2. Mar,
    thanks for the update. love the blog. thought about you the other day as we were planning the YL banquet. we have a 1 year old girl named Claire who is wonderful. she looks nothing like her father thankfully.
    we’re here in atlanta still. spent the summer in nyc and had a wonderful time.

    drop me a line when you get a sec.


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