A Place Called Home


I finally have a place called home! Wendy and I moved into our new place in lower Pacific Heights last Friday after an exhaustive search. With a 2% vacancy rate, there were slim pickins in this city. We were even seriously considering renting a haunted house.. I’m not joking. The place was scary. Our other choices included a place with one closet, no closets, a closet about 6 inches deep, a ground-floor unit where hobos could peer in, bedrooms in the form of little kid’s lofts/forts, and the list goes on and on. And.. many of these places had 20+ people in line with applications in hand! The best was seeing how well the Craigs’ List write-ups matched with reality. All of the places marketed their “granite counter-tops”.. and then you’d go in and see a countertop about 5 inches wide… in the entire kitchen. We felt duped and deceived the entire time. The upside is that I got a good feel for the city.

But here it is.. we’re in the bottom unit behind the tree. We sing the halleluiah chorus everytime we see our laundry room (a rare site in this city).. plus dishwasher, brand new kitchen and hardwood floors. Send me an email if you’d like to have an insider’s tour… or better yet, come visit! We’re also close to Trader Joes.. a friend of mine actually calls where I live Trader Joes Heights rather than Pacific Heights. That’s just fine with me… cause if I ever have a craving for dark chocolate covered pretzels, I don’t have far to walk!

9 thoughts on “A Place Called Home

  1. Oh Marlene, it looks wonderful, we’re so pleased for you. Hopefully, we’ll get down there sometime soon to see it and you. Perhaps we’ll go for a walk for a supply of pretzels! Love to you and God bless. Norma and Dave

  2. So fun! I am sure you can give a good write up about Craig’s List no no’s from your adventures in home hunting! I’d love to see pics of the inside. Looks like a great little place. Can you go wrong with Trader Joes down the street? 🙂

  3. Marlene,

    Your blog is wonderful as is your new home! It’s adorable. Send me the inside pictures! I can’t wait to see it all, if not in person then the next best thing. Hopefully sometime next year I can make a trip up!
    Miss you!


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