Beach Girl to City Girl

Goodbye Santa Barbara!

It was very surreal to leave the beach town I’ve called home for the past 8 years. I’ve seen people leave Santa Barbara for a new job, new city, grad school, missions trip, or an affordable house, and each time I’ve had a hint of jealousy for their new adventure. But, then I look at my surroundings and think, “who would ever want to leave this place?” Well.. I just did. Now I’m in a coffee shop in downtown San Francisco, and I’m needing to remind myself that I’m not on vacation.

I had a wonderful last week doing as many Santa Barbara favorites that I could squeeze in: cruising State Street in Mindy & Graham’s convertible, eating my favorite veggie burrito and chips & salsa at Los Arroyos, going to my favorite beaches – Butterfly, Padaro, and Mesa Lane, while seeing as many friends as possible. I didn’t stop long enough for it to sink in that I was actually leaving. Probably a good idea, since I would have been a blubbering mess of kleenex.

Thanks friends for the wonderful community you gave me during those 8 wonderful years. I am forever greatful! Now.. on to the next adventure… the Muni Bus.

8 thoughts on “Beach Girl to City Girl

  1. Great to have you on the blogsphere! Your site looks great!

    I just know you’re going to soon want a Vespa to cruise SF in style … and I will be so proud! Til then, enjoy the Muni bus and BART!

  2. You got there! I heard yo have to memorize the entire text of the book you’re promoting! Good luck with that! Love you, love you, love you…

  3. Wow, I have tried so many times to leave a comment, so if you get this three times…sorry!!!
    So excited for you and your new adventure in the city! And a little jealous, too!
    Loves, Sirica* and the boys
    *blog stalker

  4. I’ve tried to leave this message a few times, too! I’m so excited for your adventures…keep posting I can keep tabs on you. Are you sure you’re just not on a road-trip?

  5. We just looked at your recent blog entries. I loved the picture of your new boy friend. Very shiek!!! WE loved the outside picture of your new abode. Very cute!!! Let us know about your stuff arriving. Love, mom and dad

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